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You Have To Give Up The Life You Have, To Get To The Life You Want.

You Have To Give Up The Life You Have, To Get To The Life You Want.


What do you want for your life? What is holding you back from moving into the life you constantly dream about?

Whether it is a new job or career, a new relationship or making the choice to move to a new house or relocate to a new town, why does the decision making have to be so painfully difficult!

Why is it so many times when we get excited about something new, so often we end up sabotaging ourself and the excitement turns to fear!

When our life involves change, trepidation becomes our middle name. If something good comes our way, suspicion seems to creep it’s way into our mind almost immediately, averting us away from what might possibly be one of the best things that has ever happened to us.

What I discovered to be the truth about our lives as humans and this is perhaps something that you can trust without a doubt – if you are feeling despair, dismay, uneasiness, worry, agitation, if you are unhappy, frustrated, resentful, discontented and/or discouraged, then rest be sured change is afoot.

If you are in some way being affected and symptomatic of the life you have, then change is knocking at the door of your Soul, and it will become harder and harder for you to resist answering the gateway to freedom.

If you continue to allow your Ego and all of its insatiable, demanding, insistent fears to keep a bolt on that door, eventually the decision will be taken from your hands, and a force greater than you will intervene.

Why are we here in this life experience, why did we decide to come here in the first place? If it was my choice in the beginning, why did I choose so many challenges and hardships?

The answer although it may sound so complicated at times, is really quite simple. Our work here in this incarnation is to discover the answer to that very question, why am I here?

Let my best advise to you be this; listen to what burns inside of you, pay attention to the whispers that seem to ignite the flames of your Soul when you get an idea, feeling or a desirable sensation.

It is very likely the light from the blaze that is burning like a wildfire inside of your Spirit, is asking you to move towards making a change.

Big or small, don’t measure the extent and multitude of your change, allow yourself to flow with the lustrous light from the internal inferno that is guiding you.

If you want your life to shift and alter, continue to work on your courage, build on your will power and your self-esteem.

Strengthening your intuitive nature will weaken your Ego, it will decrease the Ego’s powerful grip leaving more room for you to breathe and trust.