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Who Can I Trust?

Who Can I Trust?


We are either raised to trust everyone or the complete opposite, to trust no one.

Either case can be very damaging and may have ever lasting consequences. In the world in which we live a healthy relationship with trust is vitally important.

Trust governs so much of our every day lives, the decisions we make, the relationships we form and even more so, how well we are able to navigate our spiritual path through all of the obstacles that come our way.

How can we break down the issues of trust so that we may better understand the complications? The emotional issues of trust reside in our Solar Plexus energy centre, our Third Chakra which is located at the naval.

This chakra is the energy of our personal power, our self esteem and the magnetic core of the personality and ego. The energy connection to the physical body is the stomach, adrenals, liver, middle spine and pancreas.

So often when we find ourself in a untrustworthy situation, our tummy begins to rumble and we are looking for the bottle of Tums to calm the storm that is burning inside of our belly.

In order to have a healthier respect for trust we must come to learn what it means to tap into our intuitive nature. The more you can rely on your gut feelings, the better you will trust yourself to make healthy decisions. The most important person in your life to trust is in fact ’you’.

We are born with a built in trust radar system, your job is to study the manual and get to know how it works. If you are faced with a challenge, whatever the case may be, trust what you are feeling in the core of your being, what is your intuition trying to tell you!

Ignoring or pacifying our gut feelings by allowing our Ego to make excuses, will only sabotage what we instinctually sense to be our truth, and of course our trust. When the Ego gets involved the thoughts come only from our fears and old outdated programmed beliefs.

If something doesn’t ‘feel’ right, then it is very, very likely that it isn’t, in fact whatever it is, it’s very likely all wrong – trust that! Trust issues can trip us up big time, think about all of the people that have come into your life that you have trusted, only to realize later that that wasn’t the case at all.

Nice people so easily get taken advantage of, and we often beat ourselves up from feeling foolish at times for the decisions we make.

The remedy really is an easy one, trust the built in tool that you were born with, your intuition.

Trusting life gets easier when you truly can trust yourself.