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Where Lies Peace?

Where Lies Peace?


Peace, this profound little word holds a lifetime of meaning, a word we use for something each of us search for day after day.

Peace was the solution to the worlds problems in the 60’s. The hippie subculture began it’s developments in the USA and then spread around the world as an influence to spirituality.

Sex, drugs and rock and roll were the theme, and if you were called a beatnik or freak you were indeed a hippy and well known for displaying your individuality.

That was then and this is now. I can’t help feeling, like most of you that there is another shift transpiring in our world today, another movement, it may not be the Flower Power of the 1960’s, but the theme of breaking free from the restrictions of our every day unconscious behaviours seems to be the scent of the energy in the air.

There are frank new attitudes arising about our food, our water and the oxygen we breathe. We are beginning to turn off the conditionings of our mind and instead we are embracing the courage we need to search for the answers to the questions we ask ourself a hundred times a day – ‘what is life’, ‘who am I’ and ‘what is my purpose’!

‘Where is peace and how can I find it’, this is a popular figure of speech with a deep enigma tone. It is a cliffhanger question and one that is puzzling.

With all of our modern day technology, scientific knowledge and human ego intelligence, one would think we could just order the answers online and have them delivered to us in 2-4 days.

The reality is, in order to find the truth of who you are, the real you and the very reason you came here in the first place, you must seek for wisdom.

It is in the enlightenment of your consciousness that you will find the replies to the response of what you ask yourself day after day, where lies peace?