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Where Is Your Power?

Where Is Your Power?


How do you handle power, do you tend to give away your personal power to other people, do you hold an unhealthy control over others?

Does food challenge your self-control, what about alcohol or drugs, do they have an unhealthy authority over you! Where ever or what ever dominance holds you hostage in an a capacity that is unhealthy for you, there has never been a more benevolent time to challenge yourself so you may have a deeper understanding of the constraints that render you feeling powerless in areas of your life.

Control is something we humans all strive for, we believe that having the power to restrain something, especially our emotions will bring us happiness, or even peace of mind.

The truth is, we have control over very little, if you take a moment to truly analyze and examine the details of your day to day activities you will better understand what I mean.

Anything and everything can change in a matter of a second, plans can fall apart, the weather is changeable, money in our savings account can dwindle because of an unexpected repair or an airline flight can cancel and leave us stranded.

We have attachments to outcomes, as humans we demand that things fall into place, why, because we deserve it is our mantra.

The surface of our life is where we put our personal power, without realizing it is our internal way of thinking that we need to connect and have a relationship with, if we want our life to truly make sense.

Instead of focusing so much on what we think we need to control, we should work on becoming more conscious to the reality of our life and the way we are choosing to live it.

If you feel powerless in your everyday existence then something is terribly out of balance, you aren’t listening to what the Universe is trying to get your attention to.

It is only because you are afraid of loosing control, this is what is holding you back from changing what is not working for you.

If you were to let your guard down, release control and surrender, you will begin to understand how personal power truthfully can cultivate a more peaceful you. 

Much love