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When Your Feet Are Cold, Put On A Pair Of Socks

When Your Feet Are Cold, Put On A Pair Of Socks


We put socks on when our feet are cold, but what do we do when our Soul feels like it needs a good warming up?

Often we get so caught up in daily routines and other peoples expectations, not necessarily because of their demands, but our need to please them, we neglect our Self.

With this going on in our life we tend to fail at attending to our Self. I often wonder if we started a revolution that forced us to slow down, we would be better off.

There would be time at least to smell the sweetness of life, which is quite often shadowed by all of our responsibilities.

Maybe we need a boot camp to get us back on track when we are feeling so derailed. There are so many forces that seem to work against us instead of the opposite.

Not only do we despair about what is going on in parts of the world mostly unknown to us, we have the energy of the Cosmos to constantly push and pull at us, what with the cycles of the moon, eclipse energies and all of the different planets that effect our emotional and mental states of mind, no wonder we wake up now and again feeling a confused.

Trust me when I say this, you are not the only one, I am right there with you some days.

Life seems to be about keeping our head just above the surface of the ocean, and it takes us all of our will power to keep those legs of ours treading water and praying for a sand bar.

One thing I know for sure if you put your trust in the Universe like I do along comes a big piece of driftwood for you to hold onto just when you need it the most.

I think my message today is simply never give up, whatever it is you are facing right now, it is important that you trust the challenge of what it is for, your Soul.

When the weight of the entire universal galaxy feels like it is resting on your shoulders and the decisions you are facing are more than you can bear be to face, when you are in a state of disrepair and you feel so uncared for by your Guides, it is important to know that something phenomenal is happening inside of you, a positive and rewarded change is about to take place.

If your feet are cold put on a nice comfy pair of socks if your Soul feels chilly give yourself a great big hug from me, know you are loved and know you are enough exactly where you are right now. 

Have a peaceful day