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When It Comes To Being Your – Self!

When It Comes To Being Your – Self!


Are you authentic, do you express your Self in a way that reflects exactly who you are? If you answered yes, most likely you are deflecting the real truth.

We think we know who we are, but until we do our Soul Work our most natural and genuine Self doesn’t get to shine like it should.

Our Soul is a magnificent energy that resinates with compassion and love for all, our Ego on the other hand thrives on negativity, fear and stress.

Both are a combo that fill parts of our lives until the end. We are born knowing love, but over time our experiences fill up our Ego, one day something might happen to change the way you think, you begin to want to know more about who you are bona fide and true.

Whenever that day may be, so begins the journey to your Self. The Soul Work requires a process that will test you to the core, but everything you release from your insides will draw you closer to the reliable, and trustworthy You.

There will be no need to be anything but your Self, you will no longer be afraid or hesitant to stand in the world just as you are.

Speaking becomes easier, you won’t have to fumble for words when you are expressing your Self, clothing your Self becomes fun and easy, you will have a style of your own, and one that feels incredibly comfortable and undemanding of you.

There is no need to stress about feeling vulnerable, because you have strengthened your boundaries and have no trouble speaking your truth.

Life becomes uncomplicated, almost effortless, and simple, there is no need to please anyone but your Self and living without fear of the future weakens the Ego, so you may experience a peacefulness with your untroubled mind.

The work the Universe requires of you so you may find your way to your Self, is mapped out with synchronicities, subtle messages, and guidance from above, your job is to be still enough to listen and be a witness to the magic.

Trust will become your best friend, being able to trust your gut feelings is your golden sword of wishes. 

Much love