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When Did It Start, When Will It End?

When Did It Start, When Will It End?


When did it start, what an excellent question and one that can perhaps be defined in a hundred different ways.

When did our Soul enter into this life experience, when did the journey actually begin? Maybe it was the moment we took our first breath of earthly air and we were gently placed in our mothers arms. Possibly our life begin long before the conception of our expectant mother.

Imaginably let us conceive that our Soul decided it was time for a rebirth, another human life experience on this planet Earth to inevitably evolve and become more enlightened, an Avatar of time and space.

If we choose to come, if we make choices about what this existence will entail, the people that will aide us on our journey and help us on our path, the evermore challenges that we will face and the joys that we will discover, why did we desire to suffer, why did we select a life of unruly emotional hardships as well?

Because it is known that within what causes us great grief, anguish and sorrow is the rising of the Phenix from the ashes of behaviours and patterns that we have carried forward, life time after life time.

This is our quest, this is reason for our very existence, to rise above, conquer and over come that which has long been past due and has become stale dated, this is what our Soul is here for. When does the journey to enlightenment end and the peace and happiness we so desperately desire begin?

The end comes with each termination and resolution of a behaviour that serves you no purpose, the end comes with the death of a fear that belongs to you no more. Each time we face an opposition and our Soul demands for the truth, we have an opportunity to end a part of our suffering.

As humans we are granted the freedom of will power, this power holds within it the truth of who we are and it allows us to make choices that serve our greater good.

Let no man or woman hold you back from making choices that bring you closer to releasing what your Soul came here to achieve.

There may be no medal of honour waiting for you at the other side of your decisions, but the self-love you will experience internally, will be far superior to any ribbon, star or badge that you wear on the external cloak of who you are.