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What The Heck!

What The Heck!


What the heck is a nice way of asking what the *@%# is going on!

I wanted to ask that question the other day when I took a set of christmas lights back to a Canadian Tire Store. Only half of the lights worked when I plugged them in, so it only made sense to me to return them and get my money back.

The girl at the ‘Return’ counter didn’t feel the same way about it. The whole experience felt like it might, if I was picking out a coffin for myself. I think she just needed a hug, but I was deathly afraid to ask.
On the way home I noticed someone had carefully stacked 9 old tires on the side of the road. I guess arranging them in a neat and tidy fashion made them feel like it was ok to just dump them there. What the &*%#@ were they thinking?

As I drove a little further down the same road, I noticed that someone had the ridiculous idea of hammering several pairs of old shoes into the bark of a beautiful and very embarrassed Maple tree. Obviously a non-tree hugger, I thought to myself. What they heck were they thinking? Please don’t tell me this is some kind of ‘new age art’!

I drove nearly two hours to get to and from my favourite Organic store the other day. I stood with my cart full of stuff at the cashier for over 3 minutes before she acknowledged I was there. When she finally looked up, I said hello, how are you today? She didn’t speak, only frowned and when I wished her a wonderful afternoon, she thought it was ok that she snarl at me too. That was a long way for me to drive just to be abused, I pondered about that all the way home.

What the $*%&) is going on? It is a very good question to ask. It doesn’t matter where we go, when we go or how we go, there will always be humans that are dealing with some nasty internal stuff. We all know it isn’t easy to leave that stuff at home and go out into the world and be happy.

I think the best antidote for protecting ourselves against someone else’s negative energy is to just be ourself. Don’t allow anyone else to bring you down from the happy high you have worked really hard to achieve.

Just remember, those other people, whom ever they are, just aren’t where you are yet, in an elevated energy state. Inspire them by just being ‘you’. The return lady at the Canadian Tire Store, maybe she was told to snarl at people who have the audacity to return things and expect their money back.

The tire guy, well I just sent compassion his way, because Karma will take care of him. The very humiliated maple tree, I have decided that today I am going to go and take down all those rotten shoes and put them where they belong, in the garbage.

Whether that is the right or wrong thing to do, I’m not bothered, it just doesn’t ‘feel’ right to me.