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What Someone Says and it Hurts

What Someone Says and it Hurts


Someone says something to you and it hits you in the stomach like a razor sharp knife, why does it hurt so much?

What if you were to embrace the concept and come to believe that each and every person that comes in and out of our life, is part of our Soul Family.

People we hand picked before we came into this life, to help us grow and evolve in this life time experience.

You might be saying right about now, ‘there is no way that I picked so and so, I can’t stand that person!’ Why would we choose people knowing that they were going to hurt us, anger us or cause us distress in someway, why would we want to do that to ourselves, it doesn’t make any sense.

Life is suppose to be a happy and exciting adventure, isn’t that what we are programmed to believe? Life is meant to treat us well, after all we work hard, we do all the right things and we take care of the ones we love, it isn’t suppose to be difficult.

So why knowingly invite people who piss us off to spend our valuable time! Nothing that we engage in is ever wasted, everything that happens to us, every decision that we make, right or not so right and everyone that comes across our path is for a very valuable reason, to help us learn and become more conscious.

All of what we experience in this life time is to help drag us out of our sleepy unconscious state. All of those people that we so carefully chose before we were born, are a part of the big plan to help us achieve what we came here to accomplish, to become more enlightened.

When one of the members of your Soul family say’s something that causes a ‘reaction’ inside of you, it is your emotional response that needs attention. That Soul person has nudged at you with a hot poker, where it stings in you, is where there is Soul work to be done.

There is a hidden gift inside everything we experience, it is up to us whether we view our experiences as ‘good or bad’.

And whether we want to remain unconscious or work towards becoming more conscious.

Either way is is all work, so why not put your hard earned energies into something that in the end, will serve you well.