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What Makes Us Whine?

What Makes Us Whine?


There is no way to escape feeling a bit of self-pity now and again, humans beings are programmed to do so.

If you are completely sure you are in fact from this planet, and you have taken on human form, then you have permission to whine once and a while because it can’t be helped.

We can blame our hungry ego for the days that get us down. You can definitely count on it to raise it’s ravenous head, instinctively looking for some negative energy to feed from whenever the opportunity arises.

The ego can detect misery from a mile away and sadness is what it loves to snack on the most. Somedays it seems almost impossible to snap out of our melancholy mood, but maybe what we need to do is just sit in it and not beat ourselves up about it.

Down in the dump kind of days can be useful if you choose to look at them that way. At least those kind of days get our attention, even if it is uncomfortable.

The key is not to let your ego gorge for to long, you will find it much more difficult to pull it back if you do. If you find yourself trapped in a poor me kind of attitude perhaps just rest with it for a little spell with a blanket, a cup of tea and a few tears, let your ego munch on something to make it worse and then after a while work on snapping out of it.

Don’t wait too long before you decide to look inside of your inner tool box for a gadget that will force your ego to retreat. Because once you actually recognize that you have been caught up in a negative emotional state, you can do something about it.

When we become consciously aware of what we are feeling, we can no longer blame the voice of our ego, once we actually realize that we were stuck in something uneasy, it then becomes a state of ‘old pattern’.

This realization is what can be useful from appreciating our depressed time of unhappiness. Once we are able to identify that our rotten mood was because an old pattern had crept it’s way in, we can begin to work on doing something to release it.

So what makes us whine, the answer is isn’t always simple nor are the solutions, but when the whining gets your attention, you have already taken the first step to feeling better.