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What Gift Can You Grant Your Self?

What Gift Can You Grant Your Self?


I wish I could wrap my arms around the world and help all humans to heal their Souls.

Everyone single one of us comes into this incarnated human life experience with one goal, an intention we purposely set for our Self before we are born, and the objective is to heal what our Soul wasn’t able to heal in our last incarnated lifetime.

Our Spirit carefully and mythically lays out an intent for itself, perhaps as does a mountaineer before he sets out to climb the biggest mountain.

All plans are in place.

Each person for the embodiment adventure have been chosen, the stage has been set, the time of birth will be accurate to the minute, the parents, the location on the Earth map has been carefully aligned with the purpose, the Soul is ready manifest.

And so you come, born into the diagram of what your Spirit has arranged for you, let the journey begin.

The people that you selected begin to show their presence, making the impressions you had asked of them before hand.

These humans are here to assist you in your growth, each and everyone one of them, some will lovingly help you along your way, others will leave impressions that tear at your Soul, neither we should deem as good or bad, for even what hurts us is for our Higher Self.

There is a gift in everything that ‘happens’ to us.

The decision to decide whether to be a sufferer of the occurrence, whatever the case may be, or whether to choose to overcome and rise above the situation, is a choice we all have, many a time in our everyday life.

The gift you can grant yourself is simple, in whatever way you choose to live your life, live it consciously.

Consciously be aware of what life brings to you, and what life has to teach you. Avoid being a casualty of your Ego, instead trust your deepest intuitions, and let those feelings be your guide.

The men and woman that climb the tallest mountains, trust their instincts for survival and for the success of reaching the peak.

May you find the courage to reach the top of your mountain, the challenges you set for your Soul before you came. 

Much love