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What Forces Demand Our Growth?

What Forces Demand Our Growth?


Over the course of these past several years, I have gained some astonishing and profound spiritual insight. This deep inner wisdom that I have come to know, has become the back bone in which I live my life.

This knowledge that I have earned is also what I tap into when I am working with clients at Annanda Healing Place. Today I am like an open book when it comes to spiritual intelligence, it is a subject that I find intensely fascinating and enormously rewarding.

My studies, experiences, and observations have in many ways provided answers to the question that we all ask ourselves from time to time, or at least once in our life if nothing more, ‘what is the meaning of life’?

In view of this question another one arises, and it is also included in the answer, ‘what forces demand our growth’? No one escapes the demands of these so called forces, their exerting power and influences have an authority in our life whether we like it or not.

I spent many years of my life unconscious to the world I had created around me. Every decisions I had come to make, the people I had willingly invited into my life, I had no understanding of what really was taking place, other than I was living and existing just like everyone else I knew and seemingly everything was in perfect order.

I had everything a girl could want, my life was busy and fulfilling but what took most of my daily energy, was convincing myself on the inside that I was as happy as the person I showed to the world. No matter where we are in our life journey, there will be constant hits from the forces that want us to grow.

If you think back to a previous time in your life, without a doubt you could say to yourself, ‘I shouldn’t have done that’, or ‘what was I thinking’! Times of growth are happening all around us, spontaneously everyday there is something we should be paying our attention to.

Synchronistic events for us are constant, they are set ups by the forces that demand our growth, what they want us to see is for one purpose only, an opportunity to grow and evolve our Soul. I wasn’t always aware, and nor did I care, I was busy getting on with my life, I didn’t have time to think about why, where or what for, I didn’t understand synchronicity, if something not so good happened, I concluded it as plain old bad luck back then.

What I didn’t realize was when something didn’t go according to my plan, it was because I was meant to go in a different direction. Over time and when I became a little more curious as to why I didn’t feel happy, I began to see a pattern. Every time something went disarray in my life, it felt like a kick in the ass and I started to pay a little bit of attention to more of the details. You see each time we venture away from the natural course of our life’s path, the forces will kick us, or at least that is what it feels like.

The kicks will get harder as time goes on if we don’t pay attention. All they want really is for us to grow and learn from the miscalculations we make on our path. 

I think what is important for us to embrace is we can be wrong sometimes, and it is only our Ego that makes us feel unworthy of change.

If you feel like you are being kicked, if there is something inside of you that doesn’t feel right, pay attention now, it is important that you do because the kicks will get harder and harder if you don’t.

May You Find Truth