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What Does Surrender Mean?

What Does Surrender Mean?


There is no greater word in the english dictionary than the word surrender. It is used for many a reason, but none greater than what it means to relinquish, renounce and submit to, when speaking in terms of our spiritual growth.

Surrender isn’t about giving up and handing over our free will or personal power to someone else, it is more about being able to let go of what is causing us to suffer. Surrendering has a lot to do with an act of acceptance.

So much of our suffering comes from our resistance to what we don’t want to accept, or what we don’t like. When we are able to relent the will of our Ego and turn our trust over to a deeper wisdom, our higher self, we surrender to becoming more spiritually mature.

Spiritual maturity is about becoming more conscious of what is causing our internal pain, being able to see it and therefore being able to understand it on a much deeper level.

All of our life we have been programmed to be tough and intact. ‘Don’t cry or be too sensitive’, were the sentiments from our parents, or caregivers, it was sometimes never ok to show our emotions, for fear that we might seem weak to the world, in some way.

There is so much guidance that we miss from our team – our guardian Angel and our spirit guides, because we are too set in our ways or too stubborn to want to invite in change to help our situations. If you have a chronic frustration with a situation, if you have a lack of patience or unwillingness to accept what it is, then perhaps this situation is asking that something has to give.

Become more conscious of how you are emotionally involved in the frustration, give yourself time and space to understand and feel what is standing in the way of your need to surrender and let go.

Your mind will become more flexible and less attached to outcomes, you may feel less of a need to stand in your stubbornness (which in part has a lot to do with our Ego Self) so you can feel more relaxed and able to trust that perhaps your surrender to what is, is the beginning of something new.