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Waking Up To A World Behind The Scenes

Waking Up To A World Behind The Scenes


All of us, most of the time are skipping along with the flow of our external world. It is all we know, because it is all we have been taught to know.

From early childhood to reaching the age of maturity, everything in life seems like it is text book and how we perceive it is suppose to be.

There might have been a glitch or two along the way, difficult challenges to overcome and work through. But we get over the hurdles and keep marching on to the beat of our programmed external drum.

Then one day something profound might happen. An event that occurs that leaves you no choice but to draw your attention inward, right into the energy of your internal shell.

Whatever the circumstance and how ever this intense situation shows its self to you, you are instinctively given a glimpse of what your world looks like behind the scenes.

Your inner world where you have so neatly and privately stored all of your emotional baggage. This overwhelming event that is occurring has forced you to open up that vault that your Soul has been guarding at your request.

The key to the lock has opened the repository where you have securely and carefully restrained every hurt, every disappointment, every setback and everything anyone has done to you to beat you down in your life.

The door to the vault slowly opens and there is an outpouring of pain; deep unpleasant, frighting and repulsive pain, and as much as you try to stuff all of this suffering back into the vault, you just can’t seem to get the door closed and for some reason the key doesn’t fit any longer.

You realize you have two choices, one is to face the pain and the other would be to ignore it. 

Waking up to our world behind the scenes is arduous work, there is no denying that labouring through the difficult and burdensome healing that is required of us, might seem like working for months and months to tame the wildest of horses, a free spirit that doesn’t want to be controlled.

Every time you get back on your feet, you might fall again because you get a kick in the ass from your Ego. The challenge is to embrace enough courage to keep getting back up on the spiritual horse, and not teach it about control, but to ride it bare back and let it’s spirit soar.

The moral of this story is perhaps about faith. Where do you draw your faith from? When the chips are down and life seems hopeless, what source of inspiration do you tap into to pull you from that place that seems disparate and separate?

Because there is a beautiful and adventurous world behind the scenes just waiting for you to embrace the bravery and boldness to explore.

When you are faced with making the choice to face the pain or ignore it, make the decision to face it, because I know you have everything inside of you behind the scenes to get through it.

May You Find Truth