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Waiting Patiently For That Big Surprise

Waiting Patiently For That Big Surprise


Have you ever felt like you are completely suspended and everything is standing still? Often when we are in a transitional stage of Soul transformation, it might feel a bit like an out of body experience.

We get the feeling something is about to happen but we don’t have a clue what, all we know is that inside of our body the anticipation is building towards a significant adjustment of some kind.

It is a little bit like watching a kettle boil, you can hear the water bubbling under the heat, the pressure is building and building, then suddenly the kettle switches off and it’s time to make that satisfying cup of tea.

There is a transition developing inside of our Soul bringing a burning desire deep within for change. What is coming is a transfiguration of sorts that will bring about a rebirth of who we are and what we have known in our past to be our truth.

The stillness represents a metamorphosis, we are immersed inside of cocoon everything is evolving in the silence that surrounds us. There is no explanation for the sensations that seem to absorb our thoughts, our mind is active but what swirls around inside of our head is mysteriously puzzling.

We feel strangely unusual but remarkably calm, awake but not awake, anomalous and weirdly peculiar. It is difficult to know whether we should be enjoying this eccentrically queer sensitivity about us, or be scared to death.

For months now, perhaps even years we have been wandering and seeking for answers to justify our life, the challenges have been many, but why!

Our spiritual quest has led us down many a path, the work has taken a tole on us. But the silence that deafens our ears in this very moment is about to become enjoyably loud, the Universe is ready to acknowledge and reward all of our hard work.

Hang on tight because there is another piece of the puzzle about to be delivered to us, there are only a few missing pieces left now.

Allow the silence in your ears to be the eyes of your Soul, don’t blink, it is important to stay awake so you can enjoy the peace and calmness you are feeling in this very moment.

The big surprise is all wrapped in a revelation which is always the best gift ever.