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Unconscious is Subliminal

Unconscious is Subliminal


How do you know if you are just simply existing without realizing it? How dormant and passively inactive are you? How deep of a daytime sleep do you believe you are in?

Wouldn’t it be senseless for us to endure the suffering and not learn a single thing? So many questions, but before you answer them, think about them carefully.

Over nearly two thousand years ago Buddha was known to have said, ’Life is Suffering’. Buddha said a lot of things, his teachings were enlightening for those who were brave enough to listen. What did he mean when he spoke of this, ‘life is suffering?’

One who does not understand the Truth of this may think that their existence is meaningless and become negative or depressed. The word suffering implies that we are in constant pain, whether it be physical or emotional, this perhaps can be true but this is not what Buddha meant.

Suffering can also mean dissatisfaction, which then we must remind ourself that life is impermanent and changeable. We know how much our Ego hates change, once it gets a glimpse of instability it locks us into our conscious mind and the chattering can be very tiresome and often fearful.

Everything that ‘happens to us’ is for one very good reason and that reason is to help us evolve our Soul. There is always something for us to deal with it seems, it is impossible to live without experiencing some kind of suffering.

But whatever the circumstances are, there is something in it for the good of your Soul. Soul Work is not for the faint of heart nor is it for the those who do not want to explore their unconscious psyche. If this is the case, if fear holds you back from digging deeper into your intellectual attic, then one must ask themselves ‘what is life all about?’

We are here in this life existence to suffer so a very old and wise Sage once said, but the word suffer has been grossly misunderstood ever since he said it, nearly two thousand years ago.

How do you interpret what it means to suffer?

Our human Spirit, the Soul of who we are depends on how mindful we strive to become, let your suffering ignite you.