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Those Little White Lights

Those Little White Lights


Funny thing, it seems I’ve only just begun to notice lately, that there is something interesting about what the people in my Tribe have been talking a lot about recently.

The existence of a bright and brilliant white light. I thought I knew a lot about the ‘light’, but not in the way that I am hearing about it lately. Everything is energy, I have talked about this topic in detail numerous times.

Light is energy too, this we know, but the light that you might see out of the corner of your eye could possibly be something more wonderful than we knew existed. ’Angel Lights’ as they are often called, are lights that have non-physical origins.

When you see these lights, you are seeing the energy of angels moving across the room. It is like seeing sparks from a firecracker, or something like you would see when a camera flashes as you take a photo in the darkness. These sparkles of light are your guardian angels, who are forever and always with you.

When you are alone or need some sort of validation, perhaps an answer to a question you have been ‘putting out there’, you will begin to see white sparkling or flashing lights with your eyes open. Often we dismiss the stuff that doesn’t make any sense, or we fluff it off like it never happened. But, if something catch’s your awareness, even if it doesn’t make any common sense, pay close attention, it could just be the very thing that you need to see to make you smile.

Our guardian angels will appear to let us know we are on the right track, we have made the right decisions and we are moving towards a higher level of vibration. There is no need ever to be afraid of the flash’s that you might see with your eyes, the white light is pure, clear and healing.

Your angels are around you to protect you and help you along your journey’s path. White is the perfect colour, for it is all colour in total balance and harmony. It is the colour of the awakened spirit that is with us.

The light of Buddha consciousness and the Divine light that resides in the Soul of who we are. Your Angels are with you to help you tap into this beautiful nature of your Self. 

Keep your eyes wide open to the little white flashes of light, and if you see one, make a wish!