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Those Ah Ha Moments Of Clarity

Those Ah Ha Moments Of Clarity


When we work really hard on our internal emotional ‘stuff’ and we begin to make some great progress on becoming more conscious, a wish is granted, a beautiful moment of clarity comes to us.

These split second minutes in time are of important significance and although they come to you in an instant, they last an entire lifetime.

Not only this lifetime, but many more to come. You see once you become more consciously aware, no one can take it away from you, it belongs to you forever. It isn’t to say we don’t have to work at sustaining this new level of vibration, we do, just like you maintain a car to keep it in good working order.

Every once in a while you might need a tune up as well, the Universe will throw you a test just to make sure you are still on board with your Spiritual journey and you are using your new found energy in good ways that help not only you but the World in some small (or big) way.

Becoming more Soul intelligent has so many wonderful rewards and why not, you have worked diligently and struggled hard with your inner wounds to overcome what has been holding you back from living in your Authentic Self. Shedding those negative layers of heavy and outdated pieces of clothing that weigh us down and keep us from feeling happy, can be gruelling and exhausting.

Each layer of dirty, muddy, dusty and foul belief that we have been supporting all of our life represents a fear that someone else has programmed us to believe in.

Each one of those layers we must work to let go of and release, this is not easy for us humans to do, we are terrible for hanging onto our ‘stuff’.

Those of you who are brave enough to embrace a new concept of thinking, will be rewarded with lessing the burden of those layers of conditioned patterns of thinking, your recompense will come in a ah ha moment of clarity with feelings of great joy and exuberance.

Recognition from the Universe is compensated with a premium bonus – elevated consciousness which brings a bounty of happiness and peace.

So you see, everything that has ever scared you, all of your fears, they are worth facing because the rewards are endless and amazing, I promise x.