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The Voice Of An Empath

The Voice Of An Empath


The voice of an empath can be all but a whisper, a muffled sound that is rarely heard. A sensitive being with a heart of gold and love that generously abounds, but a voice that no one cares to hear.

Relationships tarnish an empaths truth, for their lessons are countless, innumerable and often inflexible.

It is undeniable those who are empathic reincarnate for this life experience to learn how to rightly express them Selves.

Many don’t realize that their formal and gifted art of communication comes solely from within, a heightened intuition is their champion speaker.

An empaths life may never see the light of any given day, not if they don’t believe of who they are. Sensitive humans are bestowed with something very special, a willingness to donate the very core of their souls, to the ones that suffer on this earth.

A willingness that is given to anyone without payment or attachment, an empath has a natural capacity for compassion.

An empath is a human with a preternatural ability to apprehend the emotional state of another individual, often this comes with dire consequences.

Veracity is difficult for an empaths spirit, not because they no nothing of fairness or accuracy, but because they have learned not to trust what they feel inside.

The loudest voice of all speaks clear and coherently, messages come easily to the empaths ear, it’s all comes down to self-esteem and self-worth, energy from the belly that has difficulty making it to the top.

There is always someone to stifle the voice of reason, the words of truth, the logical and consistent sincerity of the delicate voice of the empath.

It takes soul work for the empath to acknowledge who they truly are, a tremendous amount of courage, stamina and spiritual faith, but it is work that can be achieved.

If you believe that you are an empathic soul, wait no more to begin your journey to peace.

Learn how to protect yourself from the energies of the world, find a Mentor who will help guide you, one that will honour the beautiful voice that resides within you, one that will listen with tentative ears. 

Much love and devotion