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The Universe Will choose The Time

The Universe Will choose The Time


We can look at our clock all we want, waiting patiently for a clear sign to let us know the time has come, but if the Universe isn’t ready to give us that ah ha moment, our clocks and watches may just as well stop.

All of our homework and tests behind the scenes must be attended to before we are ready to move forward. Soul work is meticulous, as scrupulous as building a space craft to take us to Quintumnia would be.

Evolving and raising the level of our vibrational energy, considers as much hard work as traveling 111 light years away in a vessel we made with our own hands.

Growing spiritually is done according to a systematic and methodical form of procedure, synchronicity comes in an orderly fashion one after the other, our work is to be awake enough to witness them, and then decipher their codes.

Frustration will be the biggest test to overcome, we may feel we are ready to advance, take that leap of faith towards change, but if the timing is off with the Universe we have to no choice but to practice patience.

We humans aren’t good at waiting for anything. We get something in our head and we instantly want to run with it. That can be a problem, simply because we could indeed be running wild with our Ego and not with clear direction from our Soul.

We have a lot to learn before things fall into place, a lot to understand and consider before we are deemed ready enough to move forward into the life we have dreamt about for so long.

Why is change such a long process? It takes time to undo a life time of conditioning, battling the Ego is no easy or sudden task. Soul Work involves the arduous labour of breaking down layers and layers of thick and sticky beliefs, one by one we must discard of what we no longer choose to believe about ourself and the world.

Peeling back the Ego is like removing the outer skin from our body, it is painful and requires a specific time to heal. There is no work that benefits the Soul that doesn’t hurt, at the core of who we are.

The Universe would like to advise you, let your inner pain fuel you with courage, allow it to ignite you like rocket fuel so you may consciously open yourself up to something new, a life that will leave the dust and rusty old behind. 

Satya, may you find your truth.