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The Truth About Truth!

The Truth About Truth!


What is real? What isn’t?

Do you understand the honesty of yourself completely, are you a conscious witness to the authenticity of your life?

Where are you living a lie, where do you value your sincerity? ‘Living in your truth’, is an overrated understatement, most humans don’t know the facts of what this really means.

Is it even possible for us to acquire the truth while having an ego that constantly disrupts our veracity! Notice something about yourself, it is so easy to recognize when we are feeling discouraged, agitated, or miserable, but not so easy to notice that love or happiness is what our heart is beating for.

Temporary moments of good feelings are so often cast aside and replaced by worry, fear or something negative. What is the honesty of our truth if we are gossiping, complaining and feeling dissatisfied?

Our soul is so easy to please, perhaps this is the reason most humans are detached from the simplicity of its essence. The soul doesn’t make a fuss, it doesn’t demand, it doesn’t cause turmoil, or disruption, it lies quietly within us, waiting for a time when we are ready for its connection.

It is our ego that commands our attention, it has no desire to assist us in a relationship with our soul, the two of them don’t get along much at all.

Our soul has no malicious intent, it has only the best of intentions for us, the ego however thrives on drama, it meticulously knows which senses in our body to arouse, anything and everything to keep us locked up in negative dialogue, whether that includes ourself, or someone else.

There is no truth in the thoughts we exchange with our ego mind. How can we live in our truth if we are constantly bombarded by our ego? Enlightenment is a process, one that takes a tremendous amount of patience.

Enlightenment comes from recognizing the negative conversations, it is understanding that there is nothing negative, everything has a purpose and a value.

Consciousness is granted when we are truly ready to get to our spiritual work, that is the only truth I know. 

May You Find Truth.