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The Realism Of Hope

The Realism Of Hope


Optimism is a word we are familiar with, it offers us confidence about the future or the successful outcome of something we are wishing for.

It is a realistic word that we use with a feeling of confidence and positivity. The word hope has a different flavour, it has more of a sensitive nature to it. It is an emotional word that we might use when we would like to express compassion or sympathy for a situation.

The beautiful sentiment about having hope is, it sets a mood for believing in a power greater than ourselves. That invisible force that we are able to call upon to lend a helping hand when we need it.

Hope give us faith, and it allows us to trust in that space in our internal world where everything is made right, if we practice good karma.

We humans are a subject that can take many different forms. Our Ego can distort and entangle the truth into such a twisted knot, one might often end up feeling so confused in the shamble of things. Our mind can tell us the nastiest of lies, ravelling it’s messy and disgusting arms around our thoughts so tightly there is barely wriggle room to breathe.

But the moment we begin to change our mind and disentangle our Ego, and begin to enmesh our thoughts in hope, everything seems to turn to golden.

Hope advocates for the truth, it inspires us to urge forward, it is enlivening and refreshing, supporting and softening, for without hope all is lost. Hope tells us never to give up, even if it is a miracle we are asking for.

The phenomenon of miracles are born out of hope each and everyday.

So let it be known, if you have a desire that you cherish, infuse it with hope and expect with confidence, and remember never give up on what you dream about, because hope offers up a glass half full.

May You Find Truth