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The Mystery of Self-Love

The Mystery of Self-Love


It is only when we begin to forget and let go of all the conditioning, that we can start to truly learn about our ‘Self’. It isn’t easy to look in the mirror and whisper to the reflection that stares back at us, how much we love her/him.

To say ‘I love you’ to ourself, perhaps the words come out clearly, but what does the Soul feel? Unless those beautiful words are spoken with conviction and truth, there is no substance to them, they are meaningless.

The purpose of our existence is to come to the place in our Self where we can honestly love who we are, where we are, with all of our flaws and faults. There is no such a thing as perfection, and yet we humans constantly and relentlessly endeavour to be perfect in everything we do. Constant pressures we inflict on ourselves, faultless, flawless attempts to bring superb optimum results in our everyday life. There is no wonder at times we feel completely and utterly exhausted.

A powerful amount of our energy is used to keep the quintessential and most perfect example of who we glance at when we look in that mirror. Why is it so important for us to feel the need to improve ourselves each and everyday? Understanding the value of improvement perhaps needs to be broken down. The power of our own influence is the most significant.

What we do in our outside World, the daily grind of life is necessary in terms of survival on many different levels. What is going on in the inside of who we are, is where we pay little or no attention. At some point in your life you will be forced to stop, whether this action comes as a break up, a loss of some sort, a health issue, or just a slap in the face, you can be guaranteed that this day will come. It then becomes your choice, to see this dreaded day as a gift or a curse.

This ‘day’ will be meaningful on more levels that you will be able to comprehend in the immediate. It is what comes to light later, inside of you that will matter the most. Regardless of what the circumstance of events are, this ‘day’ will represent the beginnings of your journey back to your ‘Self’.

An opportunity given to you by your Soul, to take a better look at how you take care of you. You will be asked to do a review, how much love do you emirate back to yourself! Loving who we are wholly and unconditionally takes patience, courage and faith.

The journey may be long and strenuous, but the rewards that come with letting go of the need to be perfect and embracing the freedom to just ‘be’, are worth every tear.