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The Mind Of An Empath

The Mind Of An Empath


An empathic person has a mind that works quite the contrary to most other peoples, there is a vast array of emotional magnetic charges that makes the empath an intelligence beyond their human brain.

Their dreams are as vivid as real life scenarios, the minute details of their dream state messages might provide details that could be disturbingly haunting for days.

An empaths natural ability to feel through their instinctive intuition is a strength that they rarely trust, most often their external circumstances hold them back from appreciating this incredible quality about themselves.

Constantly putting other humans first pulls at their ability to keep a balance between their own needs and the needs of others. An empath is subject to many an ailment, their emotional state of compassion for all, takes a tole on their physical health.

With their natural capacity to feel, sense and perceive, living in this materialistic and somewhat insensitive world is a daily challenge, one that may completely drain even the seasoned empath.

Inner wisdom is bountiful for those of an empathic nature, with their heightened sensitivities and ability to connect to the soul of who they are, they are exceptional but also unusual humans indeed.

With a compassionate heart as large as life, they are easy targets for people with a different agenda, self-interested people are drawn to the vibrant and delicate energy of the empath, an unfortunate match to say the least.

Every empath I know, including myself have been abused in some form by a person(s) with only their self attentiveness on the forefront of the relationship.

Empaths come to learn lessons from the wicked, vile and often immoral people that feed from their angelic energies. Trusting their intuition is their most important passage in this life experience, lessons that will crack open an empath so they may ignite their gifted souls.

An incarnated soul of an empath is here on this planet to serve humanity, it is a calling that rings loud in their ears.

Perhaps for years they stifle the sounds that come from deep within, but eventually with the encouragement of the Universe they find the courage to step forward into the light of who they truly are, Angels with the biggest of hearts. 

Much love and devotion