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The Magic of Expansion

The Magic of Expansion


I’m not referring to the expansion that lends us to adjust the belt buckle on our pants a notch two, there could be magic in that also I suppose, if you want to look at it that way!

The supernatural power I am talking about is the quality that allows us to remove ourselves from the hum drum of everyday life, the expansion of our awareness. To become more conscious of the amazing external wonders around us, the glory and the awe of all the natural components that make up our world, nature in all of its grandeur.

Allowing our senses to override our thoughts, this is what allows us to become more aware. But there is an element that is even far greater than what arouse’s our 5 senses when we are engaging in something that brings us joy, there is an internal part of us that stimulates our 6th sense, this happens when we become connected to the Spirit of who we are.

It is the expansion of our intuition, the natural nature of our Soul, this is what brings us the authentic magic that we spend so much of our life searching for. To expand our mind beyond the Ego, to open and be receptive to more than what swirls around our noisy and often negative head, this is the remarkable and exceptional magic that so many of us miss out on, because we are too afraid to wander into the unknown of our internal Being.

And yet it is at times when we tend to stray away from the ‘normal’, that we feel the most alive, when we are brave enough to eliminate the fear that holds us hostage in so many area’s of our life, even just for a moment, this is when things seem to go ‘right’.

I suppose the moral of my story this morning is really quite simple and offers one very uncomplicated message – trust your intuition. When something ‘feels’ effortless inside, when you get a good or not so good feeling deep down in your gut, trust it.

The more you begin to respect your Soul and the guidance that it offers you, the more you will engage in the magic of your own expansion.

There is nothing more spectacular, astounding and supreme than noticing and being a participant in the opening of your own conscious awareness.