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The Magic Hourglass

The Magic Hourglass


A beautiful young woman sits patiently on a window sill.

Her legs are comfortably crossed while she leans against the windows edge. Her back feels cold against the glass, but she doesn’t notice the chill.

In her hands she holds a large and very old hourglass. An hourglass is a device used to measure the passage of time. It has two glass bulbs connected vertically by a narrow neck that allows a regulated trickle of sand from the upper bulb to the lower one.

The woman with her sullen pout draws the hourglass to her face. Closer to her eyes she stares at the sand, the rate of flow is painstakingly slow but she smiles as she watches, as the almost invisible grains of dust trickles through the tiny passage that connects the bulbs.

‘It won’t be long now’, she thinks to herself. She knows the time has come, and soon she will be able to turn the hourglass around. ‘Only a few more grains of sand, only a few more minutes and I will be able to say goodbye’, she whispers out loud.

The beautiful woman has spent many a day leaned against the window with the hourglass in her hands, waiting and watching, counting the time as it slips by.

All that is left of her old life and the destructive patterns that have held her prisoner in her misery for far too long, is being measured now by just a few grains of sand in the top bulb of her precious hourglass. A very dear and treasured friend once gave her the ornament that sits on lap.

Many many years ago he gave it to her with the hope of one wish, that one day she would find the courage to make her way to the truth of who she is.

And now the day has finally come, she has honoured the wish from the one she once loved, but most of all she has fulfilled her own wish, to admire, respect and salute herself.

Gone are the days of sadness, anger and despair, as the last few grains of sand make there way to the bottom of the glass enclosure, the beautiful woman no longer holds the sullen pout on her face, and with a joyful heart she repeats a prayer.

‘From this day forward I will acclaim my boundaries, I will praise myself for all that I am, each and every day I will celebrate my Soul work and I will observe and obey the promise I have made to myself’, the beautiful woman bows her head and turns the hourglass over.

The first grain of sand to slip through the narrow glass funnel represents the first breath of the beautiful woman’s new promised life.

A tear rolls down her cheek and falls gently on the hourglass, never before has she felt this empowered, never in her past has she felt so happy.

The time has finally come, she has waited so long for this day.

May You Find Truth