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The Healed Wound Adjusts The Ego

The Healed Wound Adjusts The Ego


Our Ego frowns when we begin to evolve, it will fight hard to regain its power.

It resists the Soul and wants no part of any evolution that may be occurring, underneath its structure.

When change is afoot, our Mind will begin to accelerate its limited thinkings, dragging up wasteful thought patterns to pull us back into its web of negativity.

Times like this we must draw on our courage to take us to the final steps of letting go, this part of the journey will demand of us and be the most laborious.

The faith that we have gathered from the Universe this far will be our life line, the hardship is almost over, what is required now you must connect with the great determination that has pushed you this far, in the development of your Soul.

Your resilience to the patterns of behaviours that have been your only understanding of life, will come back to haunt you, all the while knowing you are vulnerable at this time, a time that is crucial, you are about to completely treat your wound, so it maybe healed forever.

Once the battle between your Ego and your new concepts about your Self have fought the struggle, once the combat is over, the Ego retreats and takes a step back.

It knows it has been defeated, the worn out and stale ancestral conditioning has been broken-down, shattered and released.

Let the liberation of your Soul carry you on the next leg of your journey, may the path you walk to freedom and immunity make you that much stronger.

Your keen and diligent energy has led you this far, keep on with the path that calls your name, you deserve to be free, happy and joyful.

This is what our Spiritual Journey grants us when we do the Soul Work.

Much love and devotion