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The Ego and It’s Tricks

The Ego and It’s Tricks


We are incarnated beings, we choose to come into this life experience. Our quest, is to find out why we made that decision.

What are our life challenges ready to teach us? Without a doubt we are here to evolve the emotional nature of our Soul, to explore and find our Self Identity.

Ask yourself – how am I evolving at this present time? Be honest with yourself. Your spiritual progress is the purpose of your incarnation.

If life gets too hard and you get stuck, don’t choose to refuse. If you decide that soul growing is too painful and you make the decision not to evolve, with that decision may come illness, depression, frustration, unhappiness, this list is endless.

If you wake up every morning without what we might call ‘zest for life’, then very likely you are cemented in your Ego. Our mind thoughts are what keep us from evolving spiritually.

The unconscious part of our psyche, that which we call our Ego is a trickster at best. It will pounce on us as soon as our thoughts start to wander into the unknown.

Our Soul loves the unfamiliar, it encourages us to tip toe out of our comfort zone in search for uncharted experiences.

The Ego on the other hand, will try its best to lock us into the emotional loyalty of our small ways of thinking.

If you are being haunted by your fears, worry’s and insecurities then very likely your Soul is asking for you to make some changes in your life.

Are you feeling frustrated, discouraged, sad, unhappy, restless or disheartened, then perhaps it is time to dig your heels in deeper than you have already and think about what it is your Soul is asking of you at this time, what am I missing that is right in front of me?

Because if you have any or all of these negative and disruptive symptoms, rest be sured change is afoot and a requirement.

The choice of course is always yours to make, are you going to let your Ego play tricks on you or are you ready to further evolve! Shuffle through the tools in your inner tool box, pull out courage, faith and trust. Use these tools to chip away at your fears.

The more your trepidations dissolve, the closer you will come to the true purpose of this life incarnation, the very beautiful and amazing reason you are here on this earth.