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The Delusional Light Of The Moon

The Delusional Light Of The Moon


As I look out of my window into the cold and frosty night, the icy snow illuminates the light of the moon, bringing the dark to an almost daylight appearance.

The sky is lit brightly but it is only 4:00am, what a capacity the moon has for delusion. I can easily see through the mass array of trees in a forest usually so dense and dark with it’s thickness, it’s as if the moon is trying to entice me to a walk.

As I stare at the sky, I can’t help feeling that the moon brings about a misconception with its light, a misbelief of faulty thinking that daybreak has come early on this shivery cold morning.

There is something else that I see besides the radiance and glow of the white circle of light just above me as I glance through my window, but I suppose it’s more of what I feel, instead of what I see.

The moons rays bring streams of spiritual energy that reach the earth. As the energy touch’s our planet, it shatters like a sheet of glass would when dropped to the ground.

I can feel the intensity of each beam of light, hundreds of strands of silk threads, each one filled with the moon’s radiant spiritual energy.

Each month we are gifted with an illuminated full circular moon, and with it comes the insightful magic of the enlightened energy it provides us.

The strength and potency of the moons fullness can have a profound effect on our psyche. Several stands of silk energy beams have attached themselves to my Soul, I can feel the pulsating messages whispering from each silk strand, I listen with my eyes closed, and I allow the warmth of the love that I feel to wrap itself around my body.

The Angel whispers begin to chant, the message is repeated over and over again, ‘let go’, ‘it is time to let go’.

Tears begin to swell in the eyes of those who are listening, some of you will resist, not wanting to believe that such an energy even exists. Others of you will cry willingly wanting so much for the past to release from your mind and body, once and for all.

Full moons are about endings, closure and resolution, the final parting of what once was, but can be no more. Let go of what is causing you pain, let the rays of the moon take away your agony.

Life is not meant for you to suffer, but only to learn from what has hurt you, so you can let go of the attachment to the pain.

Let the light that shines brightly in our sky tonight wash away and cleanse your Soul, so when the morning comes you can begin again with a lightness that makes you happy. 

May You Find Truth