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The Big Commitment

The Big Commitment


When a Soul decides it is time to grow, at first it will gently nudge at our intuitive nature.

If we ignore what we feel and the synchronisities that we see, it will only be a matter of time before the nudging begins again, only louder.

Eventually, if you are courageous enough and if you believe in your Self just enough, even if there is doubt, you will make a promise to your Soul to do the work required of you to elevate your Aura.

Until you are committed, there will always be hesitancy, the chance to pull back into old patterns of behaviours. When it concerns all acts of your initiative and the recreation back to your Self, there is one truth and this truth often destroys countless ways in which to move forward, and that truth is that you must learn how to conquer your Ego.

All sorts of incredible occurrences come about once you commit to yourself that you are indeed ready. Beautiful and meaningful situations and circumstances will show themselves in your life, some of which you would never have dreamed would have come your way if you hadn’t recognized it was time for you to begin the process of the evolution of your Spirit.

Do not be afraid, for the process that has been chosen for you is very much supported by the Universe. The Universe always has a plan, your work is to stay on the correct path, wear your Warrior clothes when it is asked of you and simply just keep your faith and trust.

The work will not be easy at times, but as they say, ’you are never given more than you can handle’, and as cliche as this sounds believe that it is the truth, even when at times you may question the integrity of the Universe and all that it stands for. Soul work is not for the faint of heart, there will be times of many tears and painful recollections, all of which you are to remember, they are part of the plan.

Some good advise might be to find yourself a Mentor, one with whom you can build a relationship which is based on a solid ground of trust. The gift of having the confidence, faith and assurance in someone else’s Soul that cares about yours is a vital tool.

But remember the most valuable tools are resting in your own inner tool box, they are waiting patiently for you to make the commitment to yourself, that the evolution of your Soul is important enough to you to want to do the work.

Everything you need is inside of you.

Be patient, because as we all know good things come to those who can wait.