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The Art of Happiness

The Art of Happiness


Happiness is a form of creativeness.

Being happy is a gift we are all inherently born with.

Over time, and as we grow older we often loose touch with this special gift, life crowds in on us. 

Then one day, if we are lucky enough to be awake, we come to realize that the endowment we naturally inherited has disappeared.

This random day of realization has just offered us the biggest opportunity in the world. Another chance to reconnect to that happy place lost deep inside of us.

The place where our Soul resides and lies waiting for us to ‘wake up’.

It is not hard to get lost in our world. Western Societal rules and regulations, for many of us it is all we know.

Like pre-programmed robots, we run from one distraction to another, day after day.

For many a long time perhaps we don’t even recognize our ‘unhappiness’, it has been long forgotten, since we can remember.

We smile at ourselves in the mirror, but the curves on our lips are weekend and without emotion. Then we stop smiling at all.

This is when the Universe decides to offer us another chance. How will we know that this possibility has come?

I can guarantee that you will see it by accident, a synchronistic event will take place to get your attention. Those who are ‘awake’ won’t miss it.

This phenomenon has been orchestrated just for you. The guidance that will follow, will be like a puzzle.

Your work is to patiently wait for the missing pieces to appear, one by one.

Do not get discouraged if you become restless.

The puzzle pieces will only materialize when the Universe decides you are ready. Each piece of the puzzle represents a token of your participation.

You are the only one that can do your own ‘Soul Work’.

It is the work that you do to elevate your Soul that brings you closer and closer to that long forgotten gift you were born with – happiness!!