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The Alchemist And Your Inner Child

The Alchemist And Your Inner Child


What is an alchemist? An alchemist can be described as an enchanter, a shaman, a seer, a medium and one who is able to channel information as wisdom from spirit guides.

What does all of this have to do with our inner child? Lets go back to the time when you were born. When the Soul comes back into rebirth as in reincarnation, it comes with a clean slate, in other words the child knows only love, there is no ability to judge and all is beautiful in the consciousness of that unconditional love the child feels inside.

From that moment on, the minute after that child is born the unconscious process begins. As the child grows, more and more of that unconditional love fades away, and all the while its Ego begins to grow.

Our Ego stores all of the beliefs, opinions, views, convictions and theories that other people, such as our parents, relatives, friends and including the whole of society, all of these outside forces have led us to believe in their truth of who we are.

For example; if you are a sensitive person, then likely all of your life and the people in it have reminded you of your sensitivities. You will have been judged for your sensitive nature because we are programmed to believe that being extra sensitive is not ‘normal’.

Your Ego absorbs all of this judgement and will use this information against you whenever it see’s an opportunity. Your ego mind will remind you that you are not ‘normal’ because you are sensitive, and so you grow up feeling like there is something wrong with you.

My theory is this, if we reflectively look back and give some quiet and contemplative thought to when we were a small child, young enough to a time when the ego had not yet absorbed enough programming to take away the happy, loving and free spirited Soul that you were when you were born, you will find that you can connect to the alchemist in you.

The shaman deep inside of yourself that intuitively knows what is right for you not only physically, but emotionally and spiritual as well.

This will allow you to connect your Soul to the peace and happiness that you want in your life now. Reminisce and return to the dreams you used to wish upon a star for when you were little.

You can be your own healer, you can work with your own spirit to undo the egotistical knowledge that you have been conditioned to believe in the whole of your life, so that you may return to the inner child within you, the part of you that knows only about love, for its Self. 

May You Find Truth