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That Which Can Do No Harm, Can Leave No Damage

That Which Can Do No Harm, Can Leave No Damage


Think about something for a minute; what is your worst fear, what is it that you fret about the most?

Even asking you these questions will probably awaken your Ego to those dark feelings inside when you think about what fears you the most.

As soon as our mind shifts to negative thinking we can so easily get locked in, for hours and sometimes days on end.

What if you were granted one wish, stop and day dream a little and ponder on what it is you would ask for, a wish to grant you anything in the world that you would like.

Do you notice how you are feeling right now? Do you notice how your mind shifted from the negative thoughts of your fears to the fantasy of perhaps winning a million dollars?

The Ego body is not our Soul body, what does this mean? Your Ego, or mind is full of fears that never belonged to you in the first place. We have been taught to believe that our parents fears, our friends fears, our teachers fears and even the fears of this crazy world that we live in belong to us, we must fear what everyone else fears, we have been taught that this is the law to which we must abide.

We live our life with these fears inside of us, they stop us from doing what we truly want to do, those fears hold us back from taking necessary steps forward, from making our life into what we constantly dream about, or those fears we hold onto like they are the gospel truth stop us from dreaming at all.

Then one day possibly out of the blue there comes an opportunity for all of that to change. Life and Soul changing opportunities usually come all wrapped up in difficult challenges, usually of the worst kind, they are never pretty opportunities, they are situations or circumstances that are meant to get your attention, a bit like getting hit from behind with a sledge hammer.

An illness diagnosis, a separation or divorce or maybe you loose your job, any of these situations would be one of your worst nightmares, rightly so and there must be a time of mourning.

But what if everything that happens to us, as terrible as it is, is an opportunity for us to wake up, to become more conscious of what needs to be healed inside of us. We carry around all of that inherited fear, and along with that fear we also carry around a lot of hurts and wounds.

Our fears hinder those hurts and wounds from healing, all of the stuff that didn’t belong to us in the first place has been stored deep inside of our Soul and we protect it like the Crown Jewels are protected for the Queen.

What ever happens to us in this life experience is a gift to help us grow.

The responsibility is ours for the taking, are you going to be able to change your mind from negative thinking to the possibilities of what your life could be like, whatever the situation, there is always, always hope.