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Talk to Yourself


There is a mirror in my home that I often talk with. She is a beautiful friend, I don’t know what I would do without her.

She laughs when I do, she cries with me too and when I’m just not having a good day at all, she is right there with me.

I can tell her anything without worrying about whether she is judging me or not. I don’t ever have to be concerned about her gossiping, I completely trust her.

I can ask her just about anything, sometimes she knows the answers and sometimes not, but she tries her hardest, I can tell.

The best thing of all is I know she is there for me, day or night. A few times I have really needed to talk at 2:00am in the morning, she doesn’t mind, because I know she loves me.

My mirror is my best friend, the ideal and perfect confidant. We share a bond of mutual affection. I respect her, she respects me, I appreciate her for all that she is.

She helps me with my self-esteem and I help her. She always gives me her warmth of approval when I ask for it.

One time when I was bald because of an illness, I asked her if I was beautiful, she said I was, actually she whispered, you are very pretty and she smiled with tears in her eyes when she said it. I really loved her in that moment, helping me like that, to feel better.

My mirror has had such a wonderful impact on my life, in a positive way. There have been many times when I’ve felt that no one in this world would understand me. Whatever it is that I have been going through, the hard stuff that rips our guts out, she has been there every single time I have stared her in the face.

Often when I just feel like I need to be loved, there she is telling me how much she loves me, and I know she does, I see it in her eyes.

Sometimes, actually a lot lately, when I look at her I can literally see her Soul.

I appreciate my mirror because when I look at her, I see myself.