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Surrender And Let The Universe Catch You

Surrender And Let The Universe Catch You


Transformation happens on the other side of surrender. It is unreasonable for us to assume that anything good will happen if we try to force it.

When we are willing to step into the unknown, it is in that moment that we surrender ourselves to the creative mind of our Soul, this brave and courageous act of faith is what allows us to dance with the universe.

We humans have an addition for control, what we don’t understand is that we have control of very little in our lives, loosing control is not an option that we accept without a fight. We push and push with our free will, the more we inflict our demand, the stronger the ego grows.

Nothing good comes from an inflated sense of Self. Our ego demands that we be kept fearful, trapped in our old conditioned ways we convince ourselves that we have the power to control our life and how we live it.

‘Everything is fine’, our mind will tell us, ‘why do you want to change anything’, it constantly repeats its self in our head. When we begin to question our existence and the circumstances in it, our ego strokes at our fears to warm them up, pacifying them with thoughts that keep us trapped.

We want it all, but we are willing to give up nothing, this is the ego’s work, and it does it well. Our soul on the other hand is all knowing, the mantra from our spirit energy speaks a very different language, it is much more complicated than the ego’s words, but nothing good comes easy.

‘If you want the life you dream about, you have to give up the life you have’, quietly whispers the soul, and although it’s murmur is faint your soul knows this to be the truth of the universe.

This is what we must surrender to, and although this might feel very scary indeed, be comforted by knowing that surrendering to a power greater than yourself is a process, and one that will assist you gently on your way.

Surrender is much like the climbing a ladder, each step represents spiritual progress, the higher you climb the more energy and confidence you inherit. Some steps are harder to reach than others, but there is always spiritual forces to hold your hand and assist you, there is no need to be afraid.

If you have been fighting a battle that seems to be slowly destroying your soul, then perhaps it is time to release what is holding you back, it is time to let go of control.

Surrender yourself to the universe and let it carry you for a while, allow yourself to be swept away into the abyss where the ego has no power.

Have no fear at all, let your inhibitions dissolve in the peace that you are creating as you let your guard down, and don’t worry at all, the universe is ready to catch you each time you may fall.

One step forward, two steps back, these are the words that define soul growth, never give up no matter what, the universe will always be there to help you back on the ladder. 

May You Find Truth