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Sulk And Misery

Sulk And Misery


When we don’t get what we want, and nothing seems to go our way, at the very least people will say we are sulking.

Disappointment comes as natural to us, as much as we like to get a tooth pulled, being letdown by our ‘life’ every now and again is inevitable and a natural cause of effect.

Sulking is a period in which others might see us as annoyed and perhaps resentful of what we can’t have, or for what has gone wrong.

Silence follows sulking and our bad temper might follow the silence, either case, both of those are symptoms that will arise at some point.

We resent when people actually say to us, ‘are you are sulking’, this may only increases the manifestation of the condition and amplify the signs.

What part about the silence do those people not get! Sulking is the outward and external feature that everyone else see’s, but what is really going on?

When things go disarray and life seems to be falling apart, everything that we have been wishing and praying for has not yet shown up and we just feel like giving up, I think it would be safe to say that misery is what we are truly feeling inside to the depths of our Soul.

People that say we sulk, and the like, have no idea what is really going on. On the surface it may be just a little disappointment, some little thing didn’t go our way, but inside of us it is much more than that.

Often times we get caught up in following a path that seems like the natural one to walk upon, but when everything feels like a challenge, is it in fact the right path? Have we taken a wrong turn somewhere along the way, or is it just time to look a little closer at what is trying so hard to get our attention!

There is a saying, and I truly believe in the message that it conveys, ‘you have to give up the life you have, to get the life you want’.

There are indeed parts of your life that you will have to let go of, to move in the direction that your Soul is pulling you. So you see it’s not that you are sulking, it is more you are feeling the misery of your Souls pulling, and only because you are scared and afraid.

The moral of this story is, there is no need to be afraid, not of anything. Let the misery be your guide, let it be your motivation and let it be your courage, because when everything falls apart, it needs to, so you can ’see’ more clearly where you really need to go.

Life is about taking chances, it is about agreeing to change, it is about going out on a limb……………

When everything falls to pieces, no one but you understands your misery, it is so much more than sulking. Pay no attention to the attention of other people.

Instead ask yourself one question, ’is it time to get down to the root cause of the misery and do something about it’?

May You Find Truth