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Stubborn OR Stuck


‘Born with a stubborn gene’, that’s a statement that we can all own up to, once we learn how to plant our feet on the ground and begin to walk, the gene we rely on to assist us, becomes active, what we don’t always realize, is this part of who we are can also work against us as well.

We humans like to fight for what we want, we are headstrong, strong-willed and pigheaded, often times just for the sake of it, we can be unbending and too stubborn to admit it.

The show of determination in other people has awed us for years, we wouldn’t be where we are as a species without the unrelenting obstinate humans that have helped to transform the way we thrive and survive. For these people and their strong will, we are thankful indeed.

Lets take a look at our own life, lets break it down, there have been numerous times in your life when you have fought for a situation, that you wished you hadn’t, this is called ‘regret’!

Go back and think about one of those such circumstances in your life, and think about where you went wrong in the fight you were fighting for.

Take a look at your life now, is there something you are putting a fight up for, whether it be an external situation, or something inside of you with a relentless cause, perhaps it would be worth your while to ask for some assistance in the matter.

There is a dependable, authentic and genuine source you can consult for the situation at hand, it is your intuition.

The advise you get from your gut feeling is sound and true, so listen to the messages it is trying to convey to you about what you think you need to fight for.

Stubbornness has it’s positive qualities, but if all the signs are trying to get your attention in another direction, being inflexible just to prove yourself right, or not wanting to fail (in your eyes) isn’t the way to move forward.

Don’t get yourself stuck in something just to prove a point, or just to be right, or worse because you are too stead fast in your stubborn nature to let your guard down enough to see the situation with clear and more examining eyes.

Not everything we set our minds too, at the end of the day matters. Really, who is it we are fighting for, him, her, them or just our stubborn Selves, because old patterns dictate we should.

Let your guard down and change it up, you will be thankful you did in the end. 

Much love