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Spiritual Maturity

Spiritual Maturity


What happens to us when we die? Our physical body vessel goes back to the earth and our Soul essence returns to our Spirit to be recharged for our next life experience.

There are many dimensions in the spirit world, all spirits don’t live in the same place.
The Soul Work that we achieved on this Earth in our most recent human life experience, determines what level of energy we vibrate on, at our time of death.

We, as human beings are made up of energy, actually everything around us is energy. When our soul separates from our physical body and returns to spirit, it will return to the vibrational dimension that suits the energy that we elevated to while we were here on Earth.

Where you go in spirit after you die depends on your spiritual maturity, or in other words your spiritual evolution at the time of your passing. We experience many, many life times because it takes a long time for most of us to become spiritually mature.

The evolution of our soul is what happens when we develop an understanding of our ‘true authentic self’. Each life time we are meant to achieve a level of understanding about our ‘truth’. The law of Karma keeps us coming back to this physical world until we reach a vibration of energy that we no longer accumulate karma.

This is how reincarnation works. This brings the art of ‘recycling’ to a whole new light. It is so important while we are in this life experience, our present life on earth, to stay clear of negative energy. The energy we surround ourself with is the energy that effects our spirit also.

Negative energy weakens the light of our spirit. There is so much wisdom to be gained from each of our life experiences on this planet we call earth. Make the most of this life time, gain as much maturity as you can, from a soul perspective.

The suffering that you work your way through in this life will have a lot to do with the life that you come back to next time. Keep your energy positive, keep the energy around you positive. The more you elevate your energy to a higher vibration, the more negative energy will effect you in a pessimistic and gloomy way.

Negative energy from other people will effect you more and more if you are an evolving soul.