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Soul ‘Stuff’


Being with someone, whether it is a partner, friend or relative that is emotionally immature creates disharmony in the relationship. 

Do you find yourself asking ‘why am I always the one to give’?

‘I wish he/she would just grow up’!.

This might be a common thought that comes into your mind when you are with someone who isn’t ready to deal with their ‘stuff’.

When those that you know, and perhaps even yourself, have been able to manage their feelings, they don’t go around slamming doors, or giving you the silent treatment.

When these people can express their feelings without blowing a gasket, then you won’t have to walk around on eggshells or worry that they will lose it with the slightest provocation.

You have heard of the phrase ‘sticks and stones will break my bones, but names will never hurt me’? This couldn’t be further from the truth because words do hurt.

They wound and cause distress inside of us. People in your tribe shouldn’t say things to you that will cause you inner pain.

For instance, you should never, ever hear the word ‘stupid’ from anyone else’s lips, especially when it is directed at you.

Great people, the ones that you will resinate with the most have empathy, this should be a mandatory prerequisite.

Those that lack empathy will only want to drain you of your beautiful energy.

These people should be the first to go.

We are all responsible for loving and taking care of ourselves.

It feels good to us to be needed, and having someone depend on us might be appealing, but in the end that person has to be liable for their own well being and you have to balance what you give to others and what you give to yourself.