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Slow Down, You Move To Fast

Slow Down, You Move To Fast


Soul Work is a slow process. It’s a bit like Aesop’s fable about the race between the tortoise and hare, the more meticulously you use your inner wisdom, the better the results.

It is important to have dreams in which to actualize, envisioning our future to some degree is healthy.

Maybe a long time ago you stopped imagining and envisioning playful thoughts of fantasy, even worse perhaps you have ceased to believe that dreams really can and do come true.

Everyone one of us must have seeds of ideas in which to grow and bring to life, but of course like any seed of intention it will take time and patience to sow and bring the seed to life.

We all grew up on ‘make believe’ stories, and as silly as they were and how ridiculous they sounded, they were fairy tales to ignite our imagination. Remember when you were a kid, there wasn’t any adventure in your head that you didn’t think you couldn’t make come true when we grew up.

What did you used to tell yourself that you wanted to be when you grew up? I think we all can allow ourself to feel a little bit lost, perhaps frustrated at times and maybe even a bit down in the dumps now and again, after all we are just human, as they say.

But what makes us feel this way? Is it because we have stopped ‘make believing’? Is it because you have gotten yourself all caught up in the fast pace of life and you don’t allow yourself time enough to dream anymore?

Slow down! Picture a Sloth, it moves in slow motion, passively idle, plodding along almost drowsy but always with a smile on it’s face, worry free and happy.

Whatever it is that you do dream about, if you set your intention of that dream with good intentions, it will manifest itself when the time is right.

Procrastination from the Universe only comes when you truly stop believing in yourself, when you are racing through life and don’t give yourself enough time to daydream and imagine.

Phantasm wasn’t just intended for when we were kids.

If your dreams have become a mirage then perhaps it is time to clear the dust from your eyes so you can begin to ‘see’ visions that can and will become reality.