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Sit with the Gratitude of Now

Sit with the Gratitude of Now


There is a certain amount of grace that comes to you when you are able to hear nothing but pure and gentle silence. How often do we honour ourselves with the time to just sit with and be in nothingness?

Not often enough is usually the answer, and yet there is so much for us to gain when we grant ourself a moment to connect to the still of only the sound of our breath.

Shhh, I say to my Ego, demanding that it hush the constant chatter in my head to a mute and deaden silence. The Ego can be a barbarian at times, it’s persistent voice and determined will can unremittingly make us feel so weary and worn out at times.

Meditate I say to myself, but the art of meditation is not an easy undertaking to perform or achieve. Sitting on a cushion with my legs crossed and eyes closed, concentrating on the sound of my breath should be able to put me in a state of enlightened relaxation.

Yeah right, instead my legs begin to cramp, my eyes start to water and the only noise I hear is the one that is telling me I don’t have time to just sit right now and do nothing! I have always found that my meditation cushion was never where I could really just be in the present of any moment, so instead I go outside.

Nature is where it’s at and being outdoors allows me the opportunity to make more sense out of my life, when I really need to. Sitting in the grass or under a tree grants us the rare and wonderful opportunity to just be in the present moment.

Somehow the powerful energy of being outside and away from the inside walls of our home has a way with keeping the Ego tamed. And it is in the silence that we can create for ourself that we are able to actually ‘feel’ the most gratitude.

A beautiful, warm and joyful feeling that can only be appreciated if we surrender to it. Regardless of what is happening in your life (and we know that there will always be something to deal with) find and grant yourself what so you deserve, a simple moment just to be in the gratitude of ‘you’.

Surrender and relinquish your own will power, not to what your Ego says you don’t have time for but to what you need to make time for, and that something is ‘you’. Standing still, even if it is only for a minute is like mini holiday, it has the same profound healing effects.

Recognizing what we are grateful for is so much more appreciated when you can pause, smile and actually be with it.