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Signing Up For Change

Signing Up For Change


Simply just hearing the word ‘change’ from someones mouth, can alter a persons disposition within a second. There is something about that word that will send shivers down a persons back.

Change is feared by our Ego, so much so that even when change wants to come to us on a silver plater, we resist at all odds.

How often do we find ourselves tilting our heads to the stars and asking for help, ‘something has to change’, we might say out loud hoping there really is someone out there that is listening to our plea!

Yet when we are given an opportunity to make adjustments in our life, we shy away. Change is what we humans fear the most, but it is probably what we ask for the most as well.

Why do we resist transformation, when it is what we are here to achieve in this life, why does our heart skip a beat when someone mentions the word change to us?

When something needs remodelling it requires a cleaning out of the old, so the new can be put in place, everything gets switched around and reconstructed. We can emotionally sign up to change our outside world with ease, but when it comes to redesigning and readjusting our inner world, that is a whole different story.

Change – yes it does sound scary doesn’t it? But change is unavoidable, so if you don’t allow change to develop organically, at some point you will be forced to look at it square in the face without any choice at all. Our Soul reincarnates with us in each life experience, for the purpose of evolving beyond the limitations that we are programmed to believe.

Change is expected of us if we want to grow and learn from the challenges that we spend so much of our time here on earth overcoming. If we don’t willingly give in to change, then all of the heartache, upset and agony that we have endured battling through life, would it all be for nothing?

If you have been sitting on the fence about making a change, if your gut feelings keep you awake at night or if you just can’t seem to sleep at all, rest be sured that indeed change is coming. Break free from your Ego, trust your intuition and take a leap of faith.

You will never know what is on the other side of change if you don’t give it a chance. If you have a burning desire to cut yourself free from the cardboard box that has become claustrophobic and much to limiting, find the courage to listen to the calling of your Soul and break free from what is confining you in your life.