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Pulling Away

Pulling Away


If you stop yourself to stand still long enough, you will feel it. Something is trying to pull away, you might even feel it on a physical level, regardless, most certainly you will emotionally.

You have been working through an ancestral behaviour for quite sometime now, it’s been a battle with your Ego, and one that you hope you will never have to repeat.

Your tired and weary and just can’t seem to get enough sleep. Even when you do try to rest and relax your dreams are haunting and they make it almost impossible to drift off peacefully for any length of time.

Life seems like too much trouble, the constant restlessness and feelings of loneliness are unbearable at times. Your friends come around and your family too, there is no reason to feel lonely, but you do.

The nights are dark and the days are long, whatever it is that is shifting in you, I know you wish it would hurry up and go away. The pulling becomes more intense, there is a game of tug of war going on inside of you and you don’t feel at all, like you’re on the winning team.

Your mind is constantly talking, negative mumble jumble that is sure to eventually drive you insane. Rest be sured and you simply must trust, something wonderful is happening below the surface where your Soul sleeps, when it isn’t watching out for you.

There is a warmth coming from that place, you can’t explain it but it gives you comfort and the courage to carry on. The war that you have been struggling through for the past few months seems to have calmed a little, the Ego is feeling depleted, it is no match for the valiant Soul.

When the Ego is defeated the pulling stops, the intensity of the tugging seems to have subsided, at least for now. What ever it was, and maybe you will never truly understand the magnitude of what you just worked your way through, but it doesn’t really matter because it’s gone now.

When an old belief about yourself is no longer useful, when you become more consciously aware of an outdated pattern of thinking, you begin to pull away from that conviction of yourself.

The pulling is your Ego, it wants you to stand firm in the negative ways. It is your Soul that is asking you to leave it behind and move forward. It has been a clash between good and evil, and so it is told that even in real life ‘good’ most often wins.

The time has come for you to move forward.

Congratulations to you, because you have just achieved something that was very brave indeed, there is no certificate or medal of honour for your courage, but the inner rewards far exceed anything that you could hang on your wall. 

May You Find Truth