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Pleasure And Pain

Pleasure And Pain


When we’re experiencing pain, the suffering can be heightened by the fear that the pain will never stop.

When we’re experiencing pleasure, the pleasure can be thwarted by the sad truth that nothing lasts forever. Life is suffering Buddha once said.

Our suffering comes from our unconscious mind. What if I said that very little of what your mind tricks you into believing, is actually true! Most of the analytical chatter that goes on in our head is indeed false, It could even be safe to say, it is all a lie.

When we hurt inside, it causes us excruciating pain, a pain that is far worse than any flesh wound to our physical body.

The pain we are experiencing comes from the unconscious mind body, what we just agreed was the source of a lot of untruths. It is not necessary for us humans to suffer, at least not in the way that we do.

If we were to come to an understanding, that our mind is most often not on our side, it is not our hero or our go to person, it is only a part of us that is filled up with information that we can not rely upon.

When we seek comfort, the pleasurable is in knowing that there is a part of us that we can trust and respect, this is our intuition, our intuitive nature, the source of our truth and it lies deep within our Self.

When we are conscious enough to listen to the voice of our intuition, we are blessed with the satisfaction that whatever arises will be for the good of our self-improvement.

Our intuitive nature is our connection to our life force energy, the atman of who we are, our soul and the spirit of our true and authentic self.

There is no reason we should suffer like we do, at least not in the way that we do. If only there was more of an understanding about how the ego mind works, more humans would be at peace.

Raising your vibrational energy to a more conscious and enlightened psyche is the reason we all come into this incarnated life experience.

Some shy away from the ‘work’, it is just too painful, if not this life time, then maybe the next for those souls we are not ready.

Pain is something that we instinctively avoid, whether it be internal or otherwise, but the truth is, the pain, although difficult and horrible at times, doesn’t last, not as you begin to understand the source of the pain itself.

Don’t be afraid to face what your intuition is trying to bring your focus to, because once you do, pleasure will be there to greet you when the work is done. 

May You Find Truth
Annanda x