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Our Personal Power

Our Personal Power


We are powerless before our eyes to the worlds destruction, but we are not powerless to our own evolution. We need to know that we can make choices in our lives, we need to know that we can give ourself this gift, the gift of choice.

If you do not feel you are worthy enough, strong enough, brave enough or rich enough to step into the life that you dream about, CHANGE YOUR MIND!

There is no prayer that will defend any other choice, than those that you make to evolve your Soul. If you have problems within your life, you have to do something about them, it is your cosmic law to attend to what does not feel healthy, right, good or otherwise.

It is our fears that we have been breathing into our being that has formed who we are, the quality of who we are and how we live our life.

Our work is to go back to the beginning, to work through our fears and return to love. What we do to transform ourselves back to the beginning, back to the natural love that resides within us, has everything to do with how we as an individual can help heal our planet.

Fear consumes us daily, it steals and eats away at our personal power, our greatest asset and the force we need to get to the root of our purpose while we are here on this earth.

There is only one way to battle our fears and that is to face them, to look them in the eye and to work diligently on dissolving them, one by one. The victim mindset dilutes the human potential, by not accepting personal responsibility for our circumstances, we greatly reduce our power to change them.

Life will give you whatever experience is most helpful for the evolution of your consciousness, there is no negative or victim in this, see it only as a brilliant opportunity to expand your awareness, so you may begin to understand the choices you do in fact have.

If you have illness in your physical body, something in your world, something in the way you are living your life is not in a accordance with your Soul.

If you get to the healing of your spirit, your physical body has the capacity to take care of itself, the most profound healing comes from the inside out.

Allow yourself to recognize and tap into the mighty force of your personal power, it is the deep and burning desires that you dream about, make them your reality, make choices to allow this to happen, do not be afraid.

There are spiritual influences all around you, an agency of good will that signed up to be your guides, they have spent more than enough time twiddling their thumbs, they have been waiting patiently to get to work, so start waving your green flag, put a smile on your face and let the games begin.

May You Find Truth