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One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back


Our spiritual path can often resemble an unorganized dance step, one step forward and sometimes two steps back, trip and fall and get up again. Patience is a virtue and this is certainly true when it comes to the growth of our Soul.

We are just like babies learning how to walk when crawling isn’t enough, wobbly legs and lots of falls. Soul Work is something of the same—it is all about learning how to become conscious from the state of unconsciousness, which is all we have ever known.

There is so much to learn about ourselves, and it can be frustrating at first not knowing where to start. Even more frustrating if you started and then stopped and now you want to get back up again, but you don’t know how to take the next step!

The answer is always the same regardless of where you are on your journey—whether you’re a beginner or not, it all starts with taking care of You. Life is about balance. I used to think balance was overrated, since I didn’t have a clue what it meant, but equity is vitally important especially if you are an intuitive, sensitive person.

Aligning our energies so we pay particular attention to our own needs, wants and desires is how we make the first move to becoming more in harmony with our Soul. What is it that you aren’t doing that you would love to do? How we express our own unique creative selves has everything to do with staying on course on our spiritual path.

How are you aligned with what cultivates your true expression? What is it that you are passionate about? When we engage in something that brings joy and happy feelings to us, it burns a fire in the belly of our Soul, igniting further what is ready to be inspired.

We are responsible for how life treats us and how we get on in the world. Once you accept this obligation to yourself and commit to it, you kindle or rekindle the desire to take the best care of yourself that you can.

Soul growth is a process, so be kind to yourself, and get frustrated when and if you need to because it is ok to trip and fall now and again.

The Universe has no agenda, and it is willing to support you wherever you are. The Universe will never abandon you.

There are synchronistic events happening all the time around you, and you just have to be present so you don’t miss them.

Take care of You because you are the only You that you have, and love yourself as much as your Soul loves you.

May You Find Truth