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Never Neglect to Check In

Never Neglect to Check In


Everything in your life couldn’t be better, you feel happy, content, work is seemingly ok and all is well at home.

Perfect, this is a great time for you to ‘check in’ with yourself, a good time to spend a few minutes just to pause and see what your intuitive might have to whisper to you.

Moments spent with ourself is never a waste of time, especially if we have been extra busy lately. Often we get all caught up in the ‘goodness’ and miss what might need to be noticed. Our Mind can play tricks on us, we all know this.

Our Mind can talk us into just about anything when it needs too, especially when it detects that we are paying particular attention to our intuition. The Soul speaks to us in a language that we born to understand, the Ego on the other hand is only a conditioned program.

The Ego begins to gather information soon after we are born, all or at least most of it consists of fear. The older we get, the more fears we grow. Often the Soul is out run by these Ego fears and becomes insignificant, it is no match for our obsessive Mind and what happens is we loose touch with the radiant light inside of us.

The light I am talking about is our natural instinct, it is our inner voice that lets us know when and where we are not taking the best care of ourselves. This is why I say, when life seems great, and I’m not saying that it shouldn’t be, there is never a wrong time to just check in with your light once in a while.

Always better to just do a little survey of ‘you’ now and again and let your Soul know you are keeping up with your Self Care, just a simple maintenance check up sort of speak.

Better to take care of yourself now than to get hit over the head with that plank that always seems to come out of no where and when you least expect it, you know, the one that has bit you in the ass once or twice as well.

Life can be grand, don’t get me wrong, but we all know that there is a realistic part of our life too, and reminding ourself to pay some attention to detail is a good thing, even if it is just to check in once and a while.

Awareness is everything.

Insight allows freedom.

Freedom feeds the Soul.