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Never Fear, Your Stuff is Always Near

Never Fear, Your Stuff is Always Near


It doesn’t matter where you go, whether it be across the road to your neighbours house or on a 24 hour flight to the other side of the world, you can’t escape what has to go with you.

Everything up inside of our head, what we might call our Mind or our Ego doesn’t get left behind when we walk outside and close our front door. If only it were true, that we could take all of our programming and and annoying conditioning and leave it on our dresser so we could take a nice ‘mind free, Ego absent’ vacation! How things would be different if this was so.

Life isn’t a bowl of cherries like we have heard people say, and it isn’t like a box of chocolates either, but life isn’t so bad when we are able to figure it out, somewhat.

It isn’t our Soul that gives us a hard time, although it will poke at some raw stuff now and again to get our attention, but that is all for good reason. It is our blasted Ego that ticks us off and gets us all twisted up in our head.

The crazy thing is, anything that goes on underneath our hair and scalp is simply just not true. But like I said, wherever we are all that nonsense tags along with us and we end up scratching it like a bad rash. The more we scratch the worse it gets.

The more we let our Ego talk us into ‘the negative’, the more we seem to feed into it. What is important to remember, and this is important, is that wherever we are, is where we are meant to be.

If you have made decisions in your life that have been made on your gut feeling, then don’t fret because those decisions are the best ones to make, they are the right ones.

If you have been called to make certain choices by the voice inside of your Inner Being (your Soul), then settle into that choice and begin to listen. Synchronicity has a way of showing us the answers to our most deepest questions, you must be aware enough to watch and listen.

Synchronicity often happens during circumstances of emotional intensity and upheaval. When life feels intense, we are unhappy or feeling down, stuck and unresponsive, like paying to be on a merry-go-round but our money never runs out, we can’t get off, then you know something grand is going to happen.

We have to be open and attentive to the world within if we want to change our world on the outside. 

Never close your eyes and give in to your Ego, keep your eyes wide open to the answers to why you are where you are right now!