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Never Alone

Never Alone


There are Spirits all around us, all the time.

Don’t be afraid, Spirit energy resinates in divine, unconditional love.

Those that are known to us, members of our family, friends and acquaintances that have passed over to the Spirit world, stay with us to protect us and offer guidance.

If you believe in your heart that there is more than just this Earthly Plane, then you may have felt Spirit energy around you, more than once.

When we leave this Earth we become a nonphysical person, but our Soul lives on.
The physical body that we rented while we live in the natural world is discarded and our Soul enters into the Spirit World. There are many signs that Spirit uses to get our attention.

If you notice a butterfly and a voice or a face comes to mind then it might be the Soul of that person letting you know they are around you. Flickering lights, don’t dismiss it and think it is just your imagination, trust your thoughts.

If you have been wanting to ‘feel’ someone that you are missing and you haven’t felt their energy, don’t give up. Spirit has to learn to communicate too. It is something that has to be learned on the other side.

You may wonder why they don’t want to communicate with you? It’s not that they don’t love you but sometimes they need to heal and this can take a long time, depending on how they passed. Seeing shadows out of the corner of your eye, this can happen very quickly, just in a blink of an eye.

Sometimes they appear as a mist, as Spirits are not solid.

I know all of this might sound a little spooky, of course it does, we all grew up watching ghostly movies, most of which frightened us to death.

There is nothing eerie or sinister about the Spirit world. In the work that I do, I connect with Spirit energy all the time. It is not only fascinating but very rewarding.

I am able to connect with people who have passed over into the nonphysical world. I communicate messages that are given to me, which bring peace, love and often laughter to my clients.

None of what I do keeps me up at night 🙂