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Negotiations Not Possible With Some

Negotiations Not Possible With Some


Negotiation, reasoning, explaining or expressing your feelings and expecting to be heard is not going to happen with a selfish, unreasonable, ignorant and never will admit when they are wrong, kind of person, so stop trying.

This doesn’t paint a very pretty picture of a certain type of personality but the reality is there are many of ‘them’ out there in the world.

These people are also manipulators, tyrants and tormentors, there is nothing that will stop them so they get what they want and they will go to great means to pressure another person mentally, emotionally and physically, if need be or they see fit.

Why do we come across these kinds of men and woman in our life, why do we allow ourselves to be persecuted and intimidated by them?

What is it that we are meant to learn from such torment, and worst of all why do we often stay with them in relationships, or friendships when everything inside of us is screaming ‘get out’ and ‘get away’?

Our mind likes to play dirty little tricks on us all day long, it is constantly keeping our attention in nasty and untrue stories about ourself, stories that make us feel weak and insecure.

When there is pressure from our mind to make excuses for our situation, we rarely have time to think rationally and certainly we don’t think about how we can change our circumstances, our mind hates it when we start to feel strong inside and therefore it will sabotage any logical and intelligent thoughts.

Often at times like this we can feel overwhelmed with unhappiness, discontent and misery, discouraged and depressed there is no where to turn, and to even think that we can negotiate with the negative person we are with to bring about some sort of balance, is totally out of the question and completely hopeless.

What is the remedy then, what would be the course of action to aide our situation? Shift your mind of thoughts, change your thinking and begin to become aware of the other voice inside of you, your intuition.

Your intuitive nature is your life saver, your beacon of light and the part of you that seeks fairness and truth at all costs. Your intuition is the voice that is screaming to you ’get out’ and ‘get away’, it is the whispers that you hear from time to time telling you to take care of YOU.

Begin to honour the Soul of who you are, stay away from people that reject you, criticize you, they are delusional negative bully’s, learn how to protect yourself, so you can strengthen the voice that whispers to you through the noise of your mind, that is the one you need to listen to, and the voice you can trust without a doubt.